ES File Explorer APK Pro Download for Android, Ios & PC |Updated June 2018

When I selected the ES File Explorer as the best file manager app, there are some strong reasons behind this selection. Let us have a look at the same.

Before going into a detailed review of the ES File Explorer download, I would like to bring to the notice of the users that an ES File Explorer Pro APK is also available to download. This is the paid premium version of this app. However, it does not provide the users something extraordinary than the base version. So, a normal user who requires an amazing file manager app which can satisfy them with excellent performance, the ES File Explorer APK base version itself is enough. Hence, we will be discussing here mainly about the base version. But once you finish reading this article, you will be aware of the difference between the two versions as well.

Features of ES File Explorer

A user who downloads the ES File Explorer APK file should have some expectations from this application. But what it provides the users is much more than those expectations. It is this ability of the app that makes it so popular among all the different type of users throughout the World. Below are some of the major features of this app that you would like to enjoy the most.

es file explorer

Easy Searching of items

Nowadays people keep a lot of files in their smartphones including videos, images, music files etc. But most of them find it difficult to search the files later and tries opening each folder in search of the file. The ES File Explorer APK Download is an ultimate solution for this issue. The search bar in this app allows the users to search for any of the files and it will be displayed in front of him within a very short time. An advanced searching option is also available for the users which help them to search the files depending on their size, modification date etc. So, it is time to say goodbye to all that worries of missing of a file because of one reason or the other.

Functions as a Media Player

Another amazing feature of the ES File Explorer APK is its ability to work as a media player to stream the local videos and music available within the device. It can also perform as an Image viewer as well. This removes the requirement of dedicated apps for your devices that can perform those tasks.

Compatibility with Cloud Services

This is one of the strongest features of the ES File Explorer that makes it completely different from others. The ES File Explorer for Android Download will allow users to browse the files even from the cloud services as well. This app is seen to be compatible with the famous cloud services like DropBox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive, Media Fire etc. It also allows you to access your photos from albums like Instagram, Facebook etc.  

Rename Multiple File or Folders at Once

We all are aware of the features of the Android devices that allows users to rename a file. But the ES File Explorer APK download will provide the users with an additional feature of renaming multiple files at the same time with a single click. This feature helps the users in saving a lot of time that is required to rename those files and folders one by one.

Streaming Videos from Smartphones to TVs

A Chromecast plugin can be downloaded for the ES File Explorer which will help you in streaming the local videos from your Android smartphones to your TVs. This allows the users to view the Videos on a bigger screen along with additional sound systems.

Change Properties of System Folder

Only users with a rooted Android device can use the ES File Explorer Root option which is commonly known by the name root explorer. This feature allows the users to edit the properties of a system folder and make it R/W. This feature is seen to be used by a lot of people under various circumstances.

Encrypt Files or Folders with Password

This feature of the ES File Explorer Download for Android provides an added security for the Android devices. With the help of this option, users can encrypt their important files or folders along with the use of a password. Afterward, opening the folder or file requires the password to be entered correctly. This feature can be used to prevent unauthorized access to the user data by others and removes the requirement of any other app to lock the important user data.

Compression of Files

We all have seen the compression feature in our computers that will be done with the help of Software like WinZip. It is amazing to see the same feature in the Android smartphones. The ES File Explorer provides the users with this feature as well. The files compressed using this app will be having smaller sizes compared to the original files. Hence it is recommended to perform this operation on files that you want to send across to others using mobile data. This can save a fair amount of data usage in sending that file. The compression can also help the users in saving the storage of their smartphones as well. The ES File Explorer can open the Zip file created using other Software including WinZip, 7Zip etc.

The presence of Recycle Bin

Being a laptop or desktop user, you might be already aware of the importance of a recycle bin. It helps the users to recover the accidentally deleted files from their computers. However, the Android devices lack this option and the files once deleted are supposed to be lost forever. To provide a solution for this problem, the ES File Explorer included a recycle bin option in it which allows them to recover the files that are deleted unintentionally.

Editing of Host Files

This can be considered as an advanced feature which will be probably used by people having good technical backgrounds. Similar to the Host files in the Windows PC, the Android device also has a host file. The ES File Explorer provides an option for the users to edit this host file and make the necessary changes required by them.

Uninstallation of Multiple Apps at Once

Most of us are using the inbuilt feature of the Android smartphones to remove the installed apps which allow the removal of a single app at a time. With the help of ES File Explorer download, users will be able to uninstall as much as apps they want to uninstall at a time, by a single click. The pre-installed apps are a major headache for the users as it seems impossible to remove them under normal circumstances. But the ES File Explorer root provides a solution for this issue as well. The root explorer option available in the app allows the users to remove the pre-installed apps also.

Transfer of Files Between Smartphones and Computers

Users who completed the ES File Explorer APK download can make us of another extremely good feature. This app allows the users to share files between their Android devices and their computers. It also has a feature that allows the transfer of files through SFTP & LAN as well.

ES File Explorer for Android

The ES File Explorer Download will be an easy process for users who want to use either a paid or a base version. Both these versions are available in the Google Play Store from where users can download the one as per choice. The current version of ES File Explorer for Android Download available is v4. The premium version requires the users to pay an amount of Rs.199/- to download it from the Play Store. But for those users who don’t want to spend any money in purchasing the premium version but want to use it, an option is still available. It is with the help of the third-party store apps. A lot of such stores are available which allows the users to download premium apps free of cost. We recommend the TuTu app for such users which does not require the rooting of the Android device to use it. Hence even the normal users can use the TuTu app for the ES File Explorer APK download.

The Best File Manager App for Android?

There are a lot of controversies on the ability of the ES File Explorer APK to be declared as the best file manager app for Android devices. The major section of people who oppose the ES File Explorer points out the unwanted bloatware that pops up in between its users. But if this is the only reason behind the denial of the ES File Explorer for the position of the best Android app, this can be easily overcome with the help of the pro version. Most of its haters do not have any other major concern to raise about the ability of this excellent file manager app.

ES File Explorer For PC Download

The remaining section of users who are thinking of the ES File Explorer download is the PC users. We don’t want to disappoint them also. So, here is the way to download the ES File Explorer APK for the Windows PCs. Install an Android Emulator in your Windows PC preferably the Bluestacks. This installation will make your PC works in an Android compatible mode which can help you install any Android apps in your PC. Now open the Google Play Store from your PC and search for the ES File Explorer. You can easily complete the ES File Explorer for PC Download from there. Install the downloaded APK file in your PC and you are all set to use the ES File Explorer for PC.

ES File Explorer For iOS Download

The sad news for the Apple device users at this time is that no versions of the ES File Explorer are currently available for iOS devices. Until the release of the ES File Explorer for iOS, you can use similar apps like File Manager by TapMedia Ltd which has similar features of ES File Explorer.

But is it worth buying the pro version of the ES File Explorer to avoid the above issue? For me, the appearance of this bloatware is not a major point of concern. It is our wish whether go ahead with the installation of that software. If we don’t want to download and use those apps, we can simply ignore that notification. It is not necessary to purchase a paid version of an app which is already available for free usage. There is no major drawback observed while comparing the base version with the paid version. Apart from a slight variation in the design, both the version almost performs in a similar way.

The ES File Explorer base version itself is so strong that it beats almost all the similar apps available in the market for the same purpose. Many of its competitors are found to be providing similar features to the users but none of them are seen to provide all the features available in the ES File Explorer. This is what makes it the best selection for the Android users who like to enjoy maximum features through a single app.

Verdict: –

It is not only a file manager but can perform also as a media player app or as a file sharing app as well. It can support you with features like encryption and compression as well. This is an all in one app which allows the users to remove many other applications from their smartphones. Apart from its excellent performance in the smartphones, it can be even used along with the Windows based computers as well.

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