ES File Explorer- A Brief Review

Being an Android user, I like most of the features that come inbuilt with those devices. But I have a major concern regarding them. It is the non-availability of a good file explorer in the Android devices that cause the major problem with them. But in the long run, it is not good to wait for the Android to release some good quality file explorer for them. So, the best thing to do is to try any similar applications in them. The ES File Explorer is the best app that I will recommend you as it has the best features available for you.

The ES File Explorer is not just a file browsing application. It can help you with a lot of other benefits which are not available in similar applications. The media player feature is what I like the most apart from the basic file browsing option in it. This helps you to check the videos available on your device without the help of any third-party video players. It can also play the audio files as well. You can even remove any other media player apps installed on your devices as they are no longer required. This will, in turn, help you to save some space in your phones.

If streaming videos from smartphones to TV is something that you are interested in, then the ES File Explorer is a good choice for you. This app has come with this amazing feature also. This is just a brief outlook of some important features of the ES File Explorer. The ultimate aim of this app is to support you in your file browsing requirements. They are able to do it with the cent percent user satisfaction. Apart from that, it has some of the most useful features available for its users as an add-on service. They can enjoy all those features in their Android smartphones and tablets.


If You want to see the detailed review you can watch the below video

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