ES File Explorer- The Best File Manager App for Android Devices

Users searching for a good file manager app in the Google Play Store will really get confused by seeing the huge list of such apps there. It might be very difficult for them to select any one from them. Today, we will discuss an app here which will be able to provide the users with all the required features – The ES File Explorer. You can have a try on the free version of this app available in the Play Store and I am pretty sure that it can make you feel happy in all the aspects. The developers of this app made it sure that the users who once used the ES File Explorer should not search for an alternative to it.

The primary purpose of the ES File Explorer is to help users to manage the files on their smartphone. It provides users with all the required options like copy, cut, paste, move, deletes etc. These are the common features that are available in almost all the file manager apps. Then what is it makes the ES File Explorer different from others?A built-in viewer is available in this app which helps the users to view almost all the different type of files. This removes the extra effort from the users to search and install different apps for viewing different type of files. Some of the other good features of this app include its ability to encrypt, compress etc. This makes the app handier for the users.

Another good feature of this app that makes the users extremely happy is its ability to hide the files. Users can try hiding the installed apps and the files as well. The cloud storage and the other maintenance tools like application manager, system task manager etc. make it the strongest of the all available apps in the Google Play Store.

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