ES File Explorer Vs ES File Explorer Pro

The developers of most of the popular free apps found it an easy way to make money by releasing a better version of the app as a paid version. But in the case of the ES File Explorer, the situation is something different. Instead of adding some premium features to the existing ES File Explorer and releasing it as a paid app, they have done something different. What they have done will really make the existing users of this app frustrated. They have removed some features of the existing free app and included the same in the paid version only. However, even without these features, the ES File Explorer is still observed to be the best file manager app for the Android users.

The features that were removed from the base version and added to the paid version are not something that can reduce the popularity of the free version. People still likes to stick to the free version rather than the pro version. The ES File Explorer Pro version is also seen to have come with some additional customization option compared to the ES File Explorer free version. But these features are also not able to make a great impact on the existing users.Another feature of ES File Explorer Pro version is that it removes the ads that come up occasionally in the free version. To enjoy these limited additional features of the pro version, you need to pay an amount of Rs.199/-. It is something that sounds not good for the existing users and the new users as well. Being a user of the ES File Explorer for all these years, I still like to stay with the free version only as it can provide almost everything I need from such an app. It is not a good idea to spend money on something that doesn’t really worth it. As claimed by the developers in the Google Play Store if they come up with some other exciting features in future, we will think about the purchase of the premium version that time.

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