How to Hide Files from Your Android Devices Using ES File Explorer

The ES File Explorer is known to be one of the best file manager available for the Android users. The increased number of users of this app is mainly because of the additional feature that it is providing to its users. Among these additional features, the ability of the ES File Explorer to help the users to hide the media is the most important one. This eliminates the requirement of any additional application for this purpose. It also helps the users to hand over their phones to anyone without having the tension of their private files being viewed by them. Another benefit is that no one will doubt this app as a media hiding application and hence will have no clue about your hidden files.

With the help of the ES File Explorer users can hide almost all the different media types including photos, videos, music etc. So, let us have a look at the easy steps to follow to hide the media from your Android devices using the ES File Explorer.

  • The first step in this process is to install the ES File Explorer. For this go to the Google Play Store and search for “ES File Explorer”. From the search result select the one with the exact name as mentioned above. Now install this app into your Android device.
  • Now open the installed app and go to the Menu option. There you can find the “Settings” option. Click on this option and open it.
  • Then go to the “Password Settings” option. You can find an option “Hide List protection” there. Clicking on that option will ask you to create a password.
  • Once the password is created, go back to the homepage of the application and browse for the folder to hide. Clicking on that folder will provide you with an option to hide it. Selecting it will help you to hide the entered folder. Similarly, you can hide any required files also.

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