What is ES File Explorer?

Just as the name indicates, the ES File Explorer is an application that helps the users to manage the files and folders within their smartphones. It is some of the unique features included in this application that makes it so popular among the users Worldwide. The ES File Explorer also has an additional feature that helps it to work as a cloud storage as well. Along with this, there are a lot of other features as well which needs a detailed discussion.

The basic operations of this application include browsing of the files which is present in the internal storage or the SD card of the phone. You can perform operations like copying of files, deleting the unwanted images/videos, and moving the files between the SD card and the internal storage. Another important feature that needs special mentioning is the search feature. This allows the users to find any file they want to view within a few seconds. Just enter the name of the file that you want to search and click search. The file will be displayed within a fraction of the second. It is almost impossible to find a better option than this to search your files.

The ES File Explorer also provides the users with an option to view the images and videos on their phone with the help of an in-built viewer which is included in this app. This is a feature which most of the similar apps lacks and hence considered as a highlight of the ES File Explorer. For users having a large number of available folders, it is difficult to view all the folders in a single window. The ES File Explorer comes with the help of the people at this situation as well. The ability of this app to customize the folder size is what comes into the support of the users at this stage. Users can find a lot of other features in this app which makes it a perfect pick for them.

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